What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

 Coaching is generally short term and goal oriented whereas therapy is long term and focused on healing. In your coaching sessions, we will identify what problems are holding you back or making you feel stuck. We'll problem solve and strategize ways to overcome those obstacles, and I will provide support to you as you move forward with the plan!

What kinds of things can you help me with?

Coaching is helpful for all kinds of things! Here are just a few: 

How long do people generally do coaching for?

Because coaching is goal oriented it tends to be much shorter term than therapy.  At a minimum you will need two sessions - one to identify the issues you want to address, and at least one more to problem solve and address them! At most, coaching clients work with me for several months until they feel confident to continue to work towards their goals on their own. I am always available for a return "tune up" visit if things go off track!

What is your background?

Thanks for asking! I received my B.A. in Music from Colby College, and my Master's in Social Work (MSW) from the University of Washington. I have been a social worker for 20 years and have practiced in a variety of areas from hospice and oncology care to case management and career coaching. I am licensed as a social worker in the state of Washington (LW 00009015), and certified as a Career Coach. I live north of Seattle with my husband and our three boys. As one of my boys has a dyslexia diagnosis, I have also become a strong dyslexia advocate and provide local information/training sessions on dyslexia.  Additionally, I meet with parents of children with dyslexia to provide support, resources, and share experiences.

What does adult ADHD assessment involve?

To assess for ADHD we will complete several steps. First, we will have a 45 minute interview. Next you will complete several short assessments, and ask a family member who knew you as a child to do a short assessment as well. I will take all of your data, and prepare a report that will detail why or why not ADHD is indicated based on your results. Please note **I am unable to prescribe or reccommend medications**. You may take your report to an MD who can discuss medication with you if you feel it would be helpful. What I CAN do is help you find strategies for coping, organization, and mitigating your symptoms. 

Are all sessions done online?

At this time, yes. This allows me to work with clients around the country! Sessions can be done via zoom or over the phone (though zoom generally works best as it's always better to see one another!). 

Do you accept insurance?

No, unfortunately I am unable to accept insurance for coaching services.